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In order for the time spent at the ski resort Bukovel to bring maximum positive emotions, do not limit yourself to skiing or snowboarding. After all, after a day spent on the slopes, it is so nice to relax with health benefits. Therefore, rest in the Carpathians with a pool is the best option to have a good time. It is also a great alternative to hanging out for those who, for whatever reason, do not plan to ski. You can pass the time and get health benefits at the Ganz&SPA Bukovel hotel.

Ganz&Spa Is the Best Hotel in Bukovel Spa

We have created a space for rest and relaxation - our SPA hotel in the Carpathians Ganz. Our clients can always have an evening rest in the comfortable rooms of our recreation area after a day of crazy skiing. Cozy interior, professional equipment, friendly staff, and competent service in our hotel are a guarantee of a high-level rest in accordance with the SPA philosophy.

This is the perfect place to use the sauna, bathhouse or warm pool. SPA vacation in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to take care of yourself through biological regeneration. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our offer - it will certainly compliment your successful trip. Hotel Ganz&SPA invites you!

SPA Area

The hotel’s spa area is an area of peace and harmony. It combines the originality of ancient traditions and modern SPA technologies. We have carefully studied the specifics of designing such premises, used only advanced technologies and innovative materials so that our visitors can enjoy the rest to the full. Here you can restore the body balance, relieve physical and emotional stress, relax before dinner.

Hotel Ganz&SPA invites you!

Are you dreaming of being in a place of complete relaxation, away from the city rush and worries of everyday life? We know such place - Ganz&SPA Hotel Bukovel!

Hotel Ganz&SPA in Bukovel offers its clients the following services:

The part of the relax zone is an indoor pool measuring 15x4m and a depth of 1.5 m. The modern heating system maintains the water temperature at 27-28 degrees. There are comfortable sun loungers near the pool, where you can take a rest and fully relax. Hotels with a pool in the Carpathians are quite expensive. However, we offer the most affordable price and full compliance with high standards.
Salt Bath
The sauna will help you relieve stress caused by daily experiences, will positively affect the skin, stimulating regeneration processes, promotes hardening and improve overall health. Fine particles of the Dead Sea salts contribute to a calming and healing effect. Saunas have long been used in medicine as part of comprehensive health recovery. But note that there are some contraindications. In the afternoon, the sauna works as a steam room.
Roman Steam Room
It has a higher relative humidity of the air, close to 100%. But the temperature, on the contrary, is quite low compared to the Finnish or Russian bath. It ranges within 40-60 degrees. Such indicators make it especially popular among women. Our clients will be able to fully relax in the Roman steam bath, taking care of their body, shape, and beauty. It will help remove muscle tone and restore body energy thanks to the essential oils of eucalyptus, mint, melon or apple.
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