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Winter sports (in particular, skiing or snowboarding) take a lot of energy. Delicious and nutritious meals will help rejuvenate. Bukovel is a developed resort with a lot of restaurants, bars, pizzerias and other catering establishments. There are restaurants of different price segments at the resort Bukovel. But you don’t always want to leave the cozy hotel to have breakfast or dinner. That is why our hotel has its own restaurant. Hotel Ganz&SPA offers a wide range of gastronomic services, which will be appreciated even by the avid connoisseurs of gourmet dishes.

What Can We Offer You?

In the picturesque hotel Ganz&SPA, you can enjoy breakfast or dinner in our restaurant, quench your thirst at the bar with a drink or arrange a special occasion.

Why Do We Enter the List of the Best Restaurants in Bukovel?

  1. Only the best food cooked on the most modern equipment. Since the hotel began its work at the end of 2018, the kitchen was equipped according to the standards of the restaurant business. No old utensils, non-working stoves or ovens - all appliances and cooking utensils are new and meet European requirements. This allows us to cook even faster and tastier.

  2. Not all restaurants in Bukovel can boast such a professional chef. The menu is made strictly according to his recommendations, the dishes amaze with their taste and original presentation. Anyone who has ever had a chance to try the goodies from the menu will surely want to do it again. Feedback from our customers is only positive, and this is the best praise and appreciation of the staff.

  3. A wide selection of dishes. We are sure that our visitors have varied taste preferences. Therefore, we tried to find a range that satisfies any culinary requirements. The main menu is Ukrainian and European dishes, among which you can choose fish, meat, soups, side dishes, vegetable salads. Additionally, we offer a festive menu if you want to celebrate an important event. And seasonal offers will diversify the range.

  4. In addition to the chef, we have carefully selected staff. Professional staff will advise you on the choice of dishes, help you organize your birthday party, find the right and balanced menu.

  5. The impression from the restaurant is created not only by certain dishes but also by the overall decor, the interior. If you are interested in restaurants in Bukovel, where eating will bring maximum pleasure - we are open for you. The stylish interior in the spirit of the Carpathians, but no-frills, tables for different numbers of people, comfortable furniture and pleasant lighting contribute to the appetite and create a good atmosphere for a family breakfast or dinner with friends-skiers.

  6. Affordable price range. Many people know that prices in Bukovel restaurants are high enough and not always justified. We tried to choose dishes at different price. This will allow you to order what you like and what suits your budget.

There are photos of the restaurant and bar on our website. Visiting our hotel or restaurant once, you will definitely want to come back again.

Night bar
To have a good rest after a hard day, visit our cozy bar. The light atmosphere of the bar, a wide range of coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks and cocktails, a balanced wine list contribute to romantic dates.
Bar menu
Refined comfort in an elegant restaurant is proposed for the guests. The main menu is Ukrainian and European dishes, and festive and seasonal offers will be a pleasure to diversify your staying at "Gants&SPA".
Restaurant menu
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